How to distinguish PP bag and PE bag in packaging bag

How to distinguish PP bag and PE bag in packaging bag

How should PP and PE differ?

A simple method for distinguishing and comparing PP and PE when buying on the market, please refer to!

Rigidity: refers to the degree of rigidity: refers to the degree
of softness and
ductility: refers to the toughness

Take the chain bag as an example.
If the PP and PE after making the chain bag are compared, the rigidity and the ductility will conflict with each other. When considering good toughness, PE clip chain bags should be selected, and if rigidity and transparency are required, PP clip chain bags should be selected.

PP bag

PP handbag

PP clip chain bag

PP waterproof clip chain bag

PP flat pocket

PP self-adhesive bag

PE bag

PE clip chain bag

PE aluminum foil bag

PE vacuum bag

PE bubble bag

PE frosted clip chain bag

The thinnest blown film thickness of PE plastic bags can be 1C, or even a little thinner. Many outer packagings of bottled water belong to that category! PP bags are more transparent than PE, but PP is more fragile and cannot bear weight.

And in the production of materials, PP can only be sticky, not blown. Go down when blowing the film and set it immediately. Garment factory packaging, electronics factories, and album pages are used more often. PE bags are divided into high-density and low-density. High-density ones are tougher, have higher transparency, feel hard, and are relatively expensive.

PE and PP are the raw materials. The chemical name of PE is linear polyethylene, which is divided into two types: one is high-density linear polyethylene, which we usually call PO–HDPE, and the other is low-density linear polyethylene. , Is what we usually call PE — LDPE, in fact, this low-density linear polyethylene is also divided into two kinds of LDPE and LLDPE (we will call them main material and auxiliary Z, but when making plastic bags, two To be used together)

PE bubble bag application teaching

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