• Provides indisputable evidence of mishandling or improper storage.
  • As a visual deterrent against improper handling.
  • Reduces mishandling in transport and storage.
  • Notify the recipient to inspect contents before acceptance.
  • Confirms the validity of the package.

Shockindicator indicate possible damage during transit. Highly visible Shockindicator indicate when an excessive impact occurs that can potentially damage products.
Shockindicator includes 3 parts: backing paper, tube and sticker. The main part tube is filled with red liquid. When goods are still, liquid also keeps still. Otherwise, violent shock and impact exceeds its G value, then impact break the surface tension of liquid and release liquid.
Therefore, your customers and handlers will know clearly that goods are influenced by violent shock and impact during transit. However, Shockindicator as a visual reminder to handle with care as carriers know the package is being monitored.

Dimension97mm*97mm (3.8in x 3.8in) (Label)
Working temperature-18°F / -28°C to 158°F / 70°C
Sensitivity Range25G, 37G, 50G, 75G, 100G
Induction rangeFrom 25G ~ 100G
Tolerance± 15%
Shelf life  2 year
Packing 50pcs/box,1600pcs/carton

Selection Guide

Selection Guide is on the base of the height of drop of your products!
Choose the G value you need according to the volume and weight of goods.
5 color stand for 5 G value. Green=100G Orange=75G Red=50G Purple=37G Yellow=25G


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