tip n tell

Tip N Tell


  • Visual Deterrence

  • Allows receiver to immediately check for damage

  • Easy to use

  • Gives accountability for shipments

Unit Price $ 2.0


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        Tip N Tell is a non-resettable warning indicator which can record any incline if your packages that are shipped or packed have been inclined left or right during shipping. Also it has protection lock itself and will not active before use. It can show whether the goods have been tilted, thwart, or inverted in transportation or warehouse inventory. Thus this indicator can constantly monitor if goods are stored and packed according to request.

        This will effectively reduce the risk of damage. It is widely applied in logistics for shipping computer, electron device, prototype machine, chemical liquid, battery, instrument and etc.

TypeSingle angle 45°
Dimension9.8 cm x 7 cm
Thickness1 mm
Temperature range-40°F / -40°C to 140°F / 60°C
Monitor range360° both inside and outside
Induction typeEnvironmental friendly blue powder (looks like sand)
Inversion indicatorYES

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