Usability and difference between traditional packaging materials and new packaging materials

Usability and difference between traditional packaging materials and new packaging materials

The reasons for the continuous improvement of the packaging industry are accompanied by the improvement of people’s living standards, the acceleration of life rhythm and the update of consumption patterns. The requirements for packaging materials are bound to be higher and higher. The rapid development of the express delivery industry has also driven the packaging industry. With the progress, the packaging materials are constantly making progress and innovation. Therefore , the development of new packaging materials is moving towards a new trend. So what are the differences between the traditional packaging materials and the new packaging materials? How is it innovative? Take you to understand the progress of technology!

What are the traditional cushioning packaging materials? Newspaper shredded paper, Styrofoam, bubble paper, EPE … etc.

Example below

How to choose the right packaging materials-Professional packaging depends on Xianghao. Has your product been properly protected during the "packaging" process?  1. Must understand your needs and product characteristics 2. How to pack the product 3. How to choose the appropriate cushioning packaging material.  Due to the large number of e-commerce sellers, it is impossible for each product to be customized. Air packaging has become the current trend. It can be packaged for various products, which is more beautiful and more protective and reduces your cost.

What are the new buffer packaging materials? Strong bubble cloth, air column bag, buffer bag middle bag, foam bag … etc.

Example below

Next, I will help you to make a key analysis: “The difference between the use of traditional packaging materials and new packaging materials”

1. “The beauty of the product”

This 2 picture is a traditional bubble bag

This 2 picture is bag in bag

Corresponding to your subtitle and example picture to explain why, advantages and disadvantages 

Beautiful packaging can evoke people’s desire to buy. The external shape of the package is a good promotional item of the product, which stimulates the customer’s purchase.

2. “Convenience and Practicability”

↑ The packaging material used in the illustration is a strong small bubble bag , one piece can protect the goods safely, which is beautiful and affordable.

↑ The packaging material used in the picture is a traditional bubble cloth , because the bubble is small, it is necessary to wrap several layers to completely cover the product.

3. “Commodity Cost”

Packaging materials: obedient grains

Approximate cost: 65 yuan

Packing material: 8 pieces in 20 * 15 box

Approximate cost: 6 yuan

For the merchant, the size and weight of the packaging container are suitable for the internal goods, packaging costs, transportation costs, and product costs. Improper packaging raises unnecessary expenses for merchants.

For consumers: If the reserved space is too large, and the packaging cost accounts for too much of the total value of the goods, it will damage the interests of consumers and mislead consumers by “over-packaging.”

4. “Logistics Transportation Protection”

Packaging materials: obedient grains

Approximate cost: 65 yuan

Packing material: 8 pieces in 20 * 15 box

Approximate cost: 6 yuan

To ensure the safety of commodities in the circulation process, the packaging of commodities should have a certain strength, be firm, firm and durable. For different modes of transportation and means of transportation, the protection function of packaging is closely related to logistics. Intact packaging reduces losses and plays the role of packaging protection, so protection and protection are very important.

5. “Environmental Protection of Packaging Materials”

Packaging materials: obedient grains

Approximate cost: 65 yuan

Packing material: 8 pieces in 20 * 15 box

Approximate cost: 6 yuan

As the concept of low-carbon environmental protection has become the main theme of society, low-carbon environmental protection is being practiced in many fields, as is packaging. Many packaging materials that pollute the environment are fading out of our lives. Green packaging has become the development trend and future of the packaging industry.

Air packaging drop test

1. “Eggs” wrapped in a strong bubble cloth [What happens when a tall building falls !? ]

2. Strong bubble cloth stairs falling and rolling test

What are the benefits of using new packaging materials ?

The packaging industry is implementing the concepts of “zero-degree packaging”, “simplified packaging” and “green packaging” and putting it into practice to improve the environmental protection technology and increase the innovation of packaging products. In the future, air packaging will focus on the development of low basis weight, high reinforcement and light The quantified high-grade paper packaging achieves the goals of standardization, serialization, multi-variety, multi-substrate, and multi-use. Therefore, in the future, the packaging design industry will also pay more attention to environmental protection and green design.

The new packaging material can replace the original hard container in the form of “upright” due to its multi-function, light weight and thinness, so as to reduce the volume of the empty bag and facilitate the destruction and recycling.

Why use new packaging materials ?

The recent international promotion of so-called “simplified packaging” and “saving packaging” has clearly raised the issue of thinning and reduction of packaging materials.

The new packaging achieves the purpose of “simplifying packaging” and “saving packaging” by improving the structural design of packaging products, reducing the volume or reusing packaging, focusing on materials, and enhancing additional functions to extend the service life of flexible packaging.

Use new packaging materials to solve those problems?


The product packaging should meet the requirements of firmness, economy, and beauty, and can be adapted to long-distance transportation, multiple loading and unloading, to ensure that the product is complete, non-destructive, and safe to reach its destination. Less space, less overhead, improved packaging efficiency, and improved company quality image.

For consumers:

Packaging should not only attract specific consumer groups visually, but also psychologically capture consumers’ excitement and desire to buy.

Environmental protection:

Packaging materials are safe and green for the environment. When choosing materials, they can save energy, consume low energy, have high functions, and prevent pollution. They can be continuously recycled or degraded after being discarded.

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